Jorge Carrera Andrade


Jorge Carrera Andrade was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1903. He studied Literature in University of Barcelona, Spain and then in France.
1927-1928 he was a Secretary General of the Socialist party of Ecuador. He also served as Ecuadorian consul and then ambassador in several European, Asian and South American countries such as France, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Japan, Venezuela and Japan.
In 1922 he had published his first book of poems, ‟Estanque inefable”, but only became famous in 1930 when he published ‟Earth and Sea Bulletines’’ (Foreword by Gabriela Mistral) ‟Boletines de mar y tierrain” collection of poems. His other publications include ‟Working hour’’(‟El tiempo manual”,1935), ‟Song Of The Apple’’(‟Rol de la manzana”,1935), ‟Biography for The Use Of Birds’’(‟Biografiaparauso de los pájaros pájaros”, 1937) and (‟La hora de lasventanas iluminadas”,1937).
His first Anthology ‟Library of the world’’ was published in 1942. Later he also published (‟Aquiyace la espuma”,1950), (‟Edadespoeticas”, 1958), (‟Libro del exilio”,1968).