"I am a word"


There is an alarm to dry up in the simplicity of water

To see this alarm means to be a writer, through this directness we can say that the king is naked, because life begins not with an arrangement of facts, news and ends with man but life is for seeing, for living. You can not live the life if you are not a poet. Movement is not near the man but is in man, where is life and the poetry.

There are only few souls that can walk in the pieces of writing like lion, but they are absorbed from the steps of lion, it takes them with it, as they are alive epochs at least. That is the reason that absorbed look not only forward but also back till wisdom , which is conditions by life, by living.
Naira Hambardzumyan , a graceful young man, already has a great experience to say Yes or No: she will not say Yes to everything and No as well. Life doesn’t need NO, just live and that is all. Now she is glancing at paper in order to find the way to say Yes or NO , she wants to say YES to her life one day . Equally , but less seeing Yeses or Noes of life , now she is more constant ,determined and has a will to see Noes of life (Though her writing already has calmness to see those equally ).
This talented girl is near the fire, soon or I don't know when , she will be able to say what she wants to say generally, as life is stable through the thoughts that somebody wants to express.
She thinks that the life is the poetry. Of course she will pass the age of doubts. Poetry will be from that age.



Varuzhan Ayvazyan