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Naira Hambardzumyan

Green carriages

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I see the poet
The book ''Green coaches” is the poetic ascension of Naira Hambardzumyan: sincere murmurs of soul, emotions and calls of inner-world. Each of them was born of sincere,real feelings and life needy. Naira is sure that the most beautiful creations have a mysterious secret in their depth covered with mysterious chain and human being can reach to that with the help of nature genius by opening its endless opportunities. Naira writes: ’' There is no another formula of nature's beauty than the truth. Truth itself, in its shape, is beautiful…’’. Actually many of her poems have something catching in their depth, colors and images are individual and reflect her nature .It is the totality of emotions that makes poetry as a means of breathing and surviving.

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…Naira Hambardzumyan is presented to the reader with rather startled and rigorous way of thinking towards art. Unusefull are philosophical and aesthetic generalizations which are used in the first collection of poems. She knows exact place and role of the word, the way of materializing the image and harmonizing thought and emotion.
In my shores
Truth is burning like a candle
And becomes a song:
In the mystery of this tree
Words are wreathing:
I easily read the justice:
Like a flake cuddling to the tree
It melts, it disappears from a light breath
Poetic perceptions are subjective: I see the poet and feel the breath of living nature.

Sevak Arzumanyan

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And I will sleep one day
(like an old pre man)
Without the blanket.
And the wind will flap the foliage of the pines,
And the angels will hang from the night with bet eyes far away
In the time of their declension:
And again things will slumber in peace
Until morning
And the process again
Will mix signs to the life.
And there will be no one
To stop my fall,
In the time of declension.


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